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MORICO is a manufacturer of reliable and high-speed imprinting machines to mark product information such as expiration date and lot number directly on various packing materials made of film, cardboard, paper, etc.

MORICO developed its special feeding mechanism for Japan Post (first-ever domestically developed Automatic Canceling Machine) in 1932. With the time-tested technology, we have been supporting our customers in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, for their manufacture, quality control, distribution, and providing consumers with indispensable information for food/product safety.

MORICO’S Technology “Separation Mechanism”


Off-line, Semi-automatic Imprinter.

Standard Canceling Machine of Japan Post.
Postal Canceling Machine

Laser Carton Marking System

Laser Imprinter for various barcodes.
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Automatic Card Inserter

Automatically insert cards or package leaflets.
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Inkjet Printer HELIOS Series

In-line, Automatic Inkjet Imprinter.
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Wedge Conveyor

Hold and transport light, round, and thin materials.


High-precision Gears, Bevel Gears, Reduction Gears.

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