Corporate Profile

Location 2-16-14 Meguro-Homcho, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
152-0002 JAPAN
PHONE +81-3-3711-5511
FAX +81-3-3711-5517
Established in 1924
Incorporated in December, 1938
Capital Authorized Capital 288 million yen
Paid-up Capital 72 million yen
Representative Director, President Yukio Mori
Directors Toshiyuki Mori
Kunio Kurosawa
Description of Business
  1. Manufacturing and distributing Precision Miniature Gears and Reduction Gears.
  2. Manufacturing and distributing Automatic Imprinting Machines (Stampee Series)
  3. Manufacturing and distributing Automatic Card Inserters.
  4. Distributing wide range of packing related machineries.
  5. Importing and distributing Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers.
Offices Head Office(Meguro,Tokyo), Hachioji Branch, Tsuru Factory, Osaka Sales Office
Banks Sawayaka Shinkin Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business
Accounting Term August


1924 Kotaro Mori established Morico Electric Manufacturing Company in Koto-Ku, Tokyo.
Supplied Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications with telecommunication and telephone related equipment and parts.
1932 Requested by Ministry of Posts, Morico started research and development of Automatic Postal Cancelling Machine.
Completed and installed the first domestically-manufctured Automatic Postal Cancelling Machine.
Dec. 1938 Reorganized and established Morico Manufacturing Co., Ltd, capitalized at 500,000yen. Kotaro Mori became President.
Aug. 1939 Opened Head Office and Factory in Meguro-Ku, Tokyo.
Oct. 1939 Nominated as designated factory for Yokosuka Navy.
Jan. 1946 Opened Tsuru Factory in Tsuru City, Yamanashi.
May 1947 Nominated as the first designated factory for Ministry of Posts.
Jun. 1948 Increased capital to 2 million yen.
Jan. 1949 Changed corporate name to Morico Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1952 Kotaro Mori passed away.
Kokichi Mori became President.
Apr. 1954 Increased capital to 4 million yen.
Dec. 1954 Developed Desk-top Postal Cancelling Machine, which became a designated machine of Ministry of Posts and was installed in post offices all over Japan.
Jul. 1957 Kokichi Mori became Chairman.
Toshio Mori became President.
Jul. 1958 Modified the Cancelling Machines for a general business use and distributed to other industries.
Aug. 1961 Increase capital to 16 million yen.
Jan. 1962 Chosen as "Rationalization Model Factory of Small and Medium Enterprise" by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Mar. 1965 Increased capital to 46 million yen.
Mar. 1966 Opened Osaka Sales Office in Kita-Ku, Osaka.
Sep. 1968 Increased capital to 72 million yen.
Dec. 1972 Changed corporate name to Morico Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1973 Opened Hachioji Factory in Hachioji City, Tokyo.
Feb. 1977 Developed In-line Film Imprinters for Automatic Packing Machine, Sape, Tiip, M-Tiip.
Jan. 1983 Developed One-Touch Carton Imprinting Machine, Stampee Model M7.
Apr. 1986 Became an agent of MARSH (US).
Mar. 1987 Start distributing Inkjet System.
Developed Hot roll Desk-top Imprinting Machine, Stampee 630, and Multi-seriate Dry Tiip.
Feb. 1988 Developed Full-automatic Postal Cancelling Machine for Ministry of Posts.
Nov. 1990 Opened Hachioji Branch in Hachioji City, Tokyo.
Oct. 1993 Started distributing High-resolution Inkjet, Unicorn (Marsh).
Nov. 1993 Developed One-touch Carton Transporting and Imprinting Machine, Stampee M7-2.
Oct. 1995 Became an agent of Videojet (US)
May. 1996 Signed to distribute ALLTEC (Germany) products.
Oct. 1997 Developed Thermal Imptinter, Stampee X-1, and Dry Printer, Stampee DP-1.
2004 Celebrated 80th year in business.
Aug. 2004 Toshio Mori became Chairman.
Yukio Mori became President.
Developed Automatic One-touch Carton Multi- Imprinter, Stampee M7-5 (with Print Checking Sytem).
Aug. 2005 Developed Morico Brand Inkjet Printer, Helios.
Nov. 2006 Developed Inkjet Postal Cancelling Machine for Japan Post.
Jan. 2007 Installed Inkjet Postal Cancelling Machine in four major Post Offices in Tokyo.
Jun. 2007 Developed RSS Code Laser Imprinter.
Oct. 2008 Developed Thermal Malti-Imprinter, Stampee X-4.
Developed Inkjet Printer, Helios Plus (2 lines).
Aug. 2009Developed Inkjet Printer, Helios Multi.
Nov. 2010Developed Inkjet Printer, Helios Alpha.

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