Imprinting Machine STAMPEE Series

STAMPEE Series is designed to imprint product information such as expiration date, manufacturing date, and lot number, directly on the packing material. With MORICO's special separation mechanism, STAMPEE Series can separate imprinting materials one by one from the feeding tray to imprint and discharge automatically.

Imprinting Materials
Cartons (Box Containers), Labels, Film, Plastic Bags, Craft Paper, Plastic Bottles, etc.

STAMPEE Series Line-Up

TABLE-TOP Imprinter

Compact size imprinter (500x500mm) that can be operated on a working table.

Ink Transfer System : M-470/M-580

Ink Transfer System : M-470/M-580
EMBOSS Imprinting sample
<Method of Printing>
Ink + Types
  • Special Photoelectric Sensor enables to imprint on transparent materials such as films.
  • Easy to adjust imprinting position by dial (M-470) / touch panel (M-580).

EMBOSS Imprinting - M-580E (Optional)
Emboss imprinting stays clean and indelible. Ideal print for cosmetics package, etc.
Punch marking print is indelible and prevents falsification of product information.

Dry Printer : DP Series DP-2/DP-4/DP-5/DP-6

Dry Printer : DP Series
Imprinting sample : tack stickers
<Method of Printing>
Foil Tape (Ink Ribbon) + Types
  • Print head can be rotated by 90 degrees, which enables the both horizontal and vertical prints against the flow. (DP-4, 5, 6)
  • Easy to set how much wind the ink ribbon. No waste of ribbon.
  • Easy to adjust the imprinting pressure by a large dial.
  • With pre-set counter and total counter, DP Series can automatically imprint exact number of prints.
  • Simple attachment enables to imprint on small sized labels. (50㎜x50㎜)
  • DP Series can imprint on tack stickers, up to 20 pieces per sheet.

Thermal Printer : X-4R

Thermal Printer : X-4R
<Method of Printing>
Data Entry + Foil Tape (Ink Ribbon)
Easy to register digital data by controller keyboard, and imprint.

New style Type-less imprinter, combining the high-speed feeder (Morico's separation mechanism) and high-quality thermal print.

Layout of prints can be designed flexibly. Wide range of characters are available.

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