MORICO's Special "Separation Mechanism"

Reliable Feeding Technology to separate and feed materials, up to 8 micrometer thick.

Researched and developed for Japan Post

Requested by Ministry of Post, Morico had started research and development of automatic postal canceling machine, and completed the first domestically manufactured “Morico Style Automatic Canceling Machine” in 1932. Since then Morico has made further improvements on the Canceling Machine to meet the changing needs of Japan Post. Morico’s Automatic Canceling Machine, G3 has been used as a standard machine at post offices all over Japan.

Special mechanism enables to steadily separate and feed various type of mails

Post offices handle mail of various size, thickness and materials. In order to make sure to cancel such mixed mail, advanced technology to separate and feed one by one is required. In the process of developing the reliable Canceling Machine for Japan Post, MORICO has accomplished this special “Separation Mechanism” using rubber rollers and belts effectively.

Air Feeder controls the flow of mail with different thickness, and enables to separate, hold and cancel at the designated position speedily. (400-600pcs/minute, postcard size)
This special “Separation Mechanism” made it possible to develop MORICO’s sheet-feed imprinting machine “Stampee Series”.

MORICO’s Separation Mechanism

“Reverse Separation Mechanism” with a reverse-revolving roller (Separating Roller)enables to separate materials one by one.

【Rubber Rollers & Belts P/N】
6-4 Feed Belt (small) 15-14 Ink Roller (Non-cell)
5-15 Feed Belt (large) 15-8 Ink Transfer Rubber Roller
7-4 Separating Roller Belt 11-4 Hub Pressure Roller Belt
8-5 Double Roller Belt 19-8 Out-feed Belt

MORICO has modified the time-tested “Separated Mechanism” to apply for a wide range of use other than postal canceling. Now the mechanism has been successfully integrated into Card/Caron Imprinter, Automatic Card Inserter, Package Insert Collator, IJP, Laser Imprinter, Barcode Reader, Thermal Printer, etc.

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Imprinting Machine STAMPEE Series Postal Canceling Machine

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